2013-Jan-12 Syven - Corpus Christi available as digital download
Syven - Corpus Christi has been put available as digital downloads on bandcamp. Check it out at:
2012-Nov-11 "Corpus Christi" release date, preorder, info
The release date for "Corpus Christi" has been set to 6th December 2012. We are now taking preorders. Contact us via email if you'd like to preorder your copy. The first 20 people to preorder CD the will receive the bonus packed Flash Drive edition for free. Check the discography section for full details on what the different editions contain.
2012-Oct-18 "Corpus Christi" cover art
Cover art for the album "Corpus Christi" revealed. The album will be released in December, and we will celebrate the release by performing a special acoustic / ambient gig in Romania.
2012-Jun-12 Vendlus problems. IMPORTANT!
IMPORTANT! It has come to our attention that people have not received the albums they have ordered from Vendlus. We have contacted them and will attempt to sort this issue. In the mean time we recommend you order the album directly from us instead of from Vendlus. We will post more info as we know more.
2012-Feb-09 "Aikaintaite" streaming in its entirety
Syven's debut album "Aikaintaite" is treaming in its entirety at the link below. Go have a listen. The album can be ordered by emailing the band directly, and from Vendlus Records.
2011-Dec-06 "Aikaintaite" released
The release of Syven's debut album "Aikaintaite" is today, appropriately on the Finnish independence day. Read the announcement at the link below on how to order the album.
2011-Nov-26 "Aikaintaite" release date
Syven's debut album "Aikaintaite" is set to be released on December 6th 2011, which also happens to be the Finnish independence day. Read the release announcement at the link below.
2011-Jun-03 "Aikaintaite" cover art, new website, etc.
Cover art for the debut album "Aikaintaite" revealed. The album will be released very soon. New website launched. It contains some more or less hidden stuff. Have fun finding everything.
2010-Dec-07 "Jäljet" streaming on Pagan Roots
We are streaming a new song "Jäljet" exclusively on the site of our friends at Pagan Roots.
2010-Oct-26 "How Fare The Gods?" on Prophecy Production's compilation
The track "How Fare The Gods?" is featured exclusively on the Prophecy Productions' "Whom The Moon A Nightsong Sings" compilation album.
Syven aims to create dark, heavy, primordial and even shamanistic music, where the driving force is the traditional Finnish string instrument, the kantele, accompanied by atmospheric synth layering, ritualistic percussion and heavy distortion where appropriate. We also employ a variety of vocals that range from low male choirs to growls to chanting and to shamanistic performances, all of which help bring life to the comprehensive themes of nature, the struggles of reality, the brutality of survival, but also the wonderment and the solemness that lie therein.
Self-made instruments form the cornerstones of our sound. A.T. has built the 15 stringed acoustic kanteles, 12 stringed electric kanteles, Lapland drums and all synthetic soundscapes himself. The production, recording, mixing, etc. of our music is done completely on our own, and we also generate all visual artwork ourselves with mediums including ink, pastels, colored pencils, and some digital manipulation.
Syven are:
A.T. - Instrumentation
A.K-S. - Vocalization

Syven - Corpus Christi, DigiPAK CD, Flash Drive, Digital Download, [Audiokratik, 2012, ADKR001]
Tracks: • Corpus Christi • Corpus Christi [video]
Info: The video spans the full 35 minutes of the release. The DigiPAK CD contains the audio and the video. The Flash Drive edition contains the audio as FLAC (44.1kHz/16bit, 48kHz/24bit, 96kHz/24bit, 192kHz/24bit), as MP3 (44.1kHz/16bit/160kpbs, 44.1kHz/16bit/256 kpbs, 48kHz/24bit/320 kbps), the video as DVD quality and full HD 1080p quality, more artwork and visual material than you can think of, and as a special treat: individual dry instrument/vocal tracks that you can use to mix your own version of the song.

Syven - Aikaintaite, CD, Digital Download, [Vendlus, 2011, VEND001]
Tracks: • Syvyys • Jäljet • Ne, jotka selviävät talvestamme • Jäänkätkemä • Tuulenvire
Info: The first Syven full-length album. Kantele driven shamanic, ambient and primordial heaviness.

V/A - Whom the Moon a Nightsong Sings, CD, [Prophecy Productions, 2010, AB029]
Tracks: • How Fare The Gods?
Info: A various artists compilation dealing mostly with acoustic musical settings of nature's sceneries. Syven contributed the song "How Fare The Gods?".

Syven - Promo 2010, CD-R, [Self-released, 2010, SYVEN001]
Tracks: • Syvyys • Jäljet • How Fare The Gods?
Info: Sent to labels and for promotion. Not released to the public. All tracks appear on subsequent releases.
Antlers: • 3400 x 1600 px
Handwritten: • 3000 x 1100 px
Sigil: • 2600 x 1600 px
Font: • Syven-Logo.ttf (A TTF font with all logos and symbols)
Night embers: • 1920 x 1200 px1680 x 1050 px1280 x 800 px
Copper lake: • 1920 x 1200 px1680 x 1050 px1280 x 800 px
Backgrounds: • 1280 x 800 px
Soundfonts: • Folder (Kanteles, Basses, Drums, etc.)
A.T.'s kanteles: • Oksa (15 string acoustic)Sysi (12 string electric)
Website URL:
The link that will forward you to the Syven website.
syvenfi()gmail com
The email address is formatted so that you have to manually delete the DELETE.ME text.
Snail mail:
Syven, c/o A. Tolonen, Lopentie 15-17 A 7, 11100 RMK, FINLAND

Syven, c/o Andy Koski-Semmens, Jokimaantie 341, 14140 Jokimaa, FINLAND
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