Sketched Art Gallery

An Eagle with Horns (sketch)

Kotkan sarvet (sketch)
Pencil - Winter 2010
800 x 585 pixels - 70k

An eagle with horns. I was testing what configuration of horns would fit best. This one ended up being the more suitable and I made a finished versions of it for the back cover my band Syven's album 'Aikaintaite'.

An Eagle with Horns (sketch)

800 x 601 pixels - 60k

Another eagle with horns. I liked these horns too, so I used them on the margins on my band Syven's album 'Aikaintaite'.

Sarvekas pöllö ja kuu (sketch)
Pencil - Winter 2010
800 x 557 pixels - 102k

A sketch of an owl with antlers in front of a moonlit barren mountain range. Used on the CD label of my band Syven's album 'Aikaintaite'.

An Owl with antlers and the moon (sketch)

Ferret Skull (sketch)

Hillerin Kallo (sketch)
Pencil - Winter 2010
800 x 480 pixels - 76k

A ferret skull on a dramatically lighted stony and puddly surface. The finished version of this was used as the front cover of my band Syven's album 'Aikaintaite'.

Kotkan Lento (sketch)
Pencil - Winter 2010
800 x 575 pixels - 39k

An eagle in flight. Where is it headed? On the inner cover of my band Syven's album 'Aikaintaite'.

Flight of the Eagle (sketch)

Trees of light and darkness (sketch)

Esihistoriallinen karhu (sketch)
Pencil - Winter 2010
800 x 579 pixels - 66k

A cartoon bear in prehistoric surroundings. I really should make a fully colored version of this.

Susi ja kuu (sketch)
Pencil - Winter 2010
800 x 576 pixels - 59k

A sketch of a wolf and the moon. Testing out heavy and stylized lines. Something that could work as a tattoo, maybe.

Claw marks (sketch)

Trees of light and darkness (sketch)

Valon ja pimeyden puut (sketch)
Pencil - Spring 2007
800 x 577 pixels - 102k

This sketch was supposed to be for some project that I have forgotten long ago.

Kynnenjäljet (sketch)
Pencil - Summer 2006
800 x 573 pixels - 180k

A sketch of the Kynnenjäljet image for my band's new album. I rarely do proper sketches of the stuff I do for myself, but this time I had to do one to figure out all the elements and their composition.

Claw marks (sketch)

Legs (sketch 2)

Jalat (sketch)
Pencil - Winter 2006
800 x 556 pixels - 133k

The second, and better, version of the sketch for a companion piece to "Lintu", once again for Agalloch.

Legs (sketch)

800 x 622 pixels - 133k

The first version of the Jalat sketch. It had some interesting elements, but the composition is a bit odd.

Lintu (sketch)
Pencil - Autumn 2005
800 x 800 pixels - 308k

A sketch of the "Lintu" image for Agalloch. The background changed quite a bit in the finished image.

A bird (sketch)

Old company (sketch)

Vanha Seurue (sketch)
Digital Charcoal Simulation - Winter 2005
800 x 566 pixels - 76k

This is a sketch for the piece I did for Vigrid. Like the finished image, this was also done with the great Painter software.

The Wolves of Timberline (sketch)
Pencil - Winter 2003
800 x 564 pixels - 223k

A sketch for one of the images used on a new split album with my band Nest and Agalloch.

The Wolves of Timberline (sketch)

A lynx.

Pencil - Summer 2002
640 x 502 pixels - 102.20k

The archetype of the silvershade lynx. This was also used in Nest's (my band) new album.

Pencil - Summer 2002
640 x 453 pixels - 90.92k

A ferret. Doesn't he look way too nozy for his own good? This was used in Nest's (my band) new album.

A ferret.

Croquis Impressions.

Croquis Vaikutelmia
Pencil - Winter 2000
572 x 486 pixels - 34.351k

The Three most successfull pieces of croquis I've done so far. If I remember correctly, these were done in 3 minutes each.

More croquis

446 x 382 pixels - 23.429k

...sometimes it's incredibly stressfull having to draw complicated postures in so little time. Over and over again, without grasping the key to the proportions no matter how you try...., croquis.

450 x 452 pixels - 27.467k

...but sometimes it is fun and relaxing. When the mood is right one can create dozens of these, basking in the sheer wonder of creation and learning.

Tulen Pyynti
Ballpoint pen - Spring 1999
404 x 576 pixels - 29.043k

This is nearly all I ever do while fighting through my military service in our so glorious army. Draw, draw and draw again... Well, at least I get some practise in an area I consider important.

Catching the flame.

Weird sketches.

Pencil - 1997 / 1998
270 x 364 pixels - 16.760k

Three individual sketches inspired by the most interesting pastime I know: compulsory swedish classes. I like the paper used for swedish books. It has a good texture and lead sticks to it nicely.

Pencil - 1997 / 1998
236 x 502 pixels - 21.277k

Sketches of obscure flowing substances. These are also the fruit of the inspiration provided by our beloved compulsory swedish classes. Most of these can be found in the corners and edges of the pages of my swedish books.


Evil? (sketch)

Paha? (sketch)
Pencil - Winter 1997
485 x 600 pixels - 33.202k

About an A4 sized and quite a detailed sketch of the first part of my diploma work. John's facial expression and overall appearance is a little different from that of the final version.

Ink - Autumn 1997
420 x 394 pixels - 53.147k

A small and obscure sketch of a horse. Done in about 30 minutes, which is extremely fast for me.

A weird picture of a horse.

A symmetrical symbol.

Pencil - Spring 1997
195 x 195 pixels - 9.912k

This one's very small and was done to kill some time at one of my high school's math tests. Somehow I can't remember whether I passed the test or not...

Pencil - Winter 1996
489 x 600 pixels - 33.761k

A simple sketch of a ruined landscape. In my opinion this is better than the final version (which happened to disappear mysteriously), so I decided to include only it.

Horns in the mist.

Portrait of a tiger.

Pencil - Sometime in 1995
600 x 579 pixels - 67.832k

An old sketch of a tiger's head. I'm not even sure if I did it in '95... Your guess is as good as mine.