woodsmoke - CD Booklet
. The silvershade lynx (6:37)
. Call of the wild (6:45)
. By the healing waters (4:38)
. Otterheart (4:33)
. Summer storm (4:10)
. Calmly passing monument (4:48)
. Renewal (4:14)
. Courting (4:23)
. A winternight visage (4:47)

The silvershade lynx
(Music: Spring '01, Narration: Winter '01, Intro: Winter's end '02)

Dying be the fire that keeps you warm
but embers of the heart for the silver one
may kindle again...

eat the distance from
the place of ill memories

Call of the wild
(Music: Summer '01)

By the healing waters
(Music: Jun-Jul '01, Verse: Aug '01 (following David's Psalm 23))

Lead me beside the still waters Let me lie down in the green pastures
Restore my soul And lead me in the path of righteousness
For your name's sake

(Music: Summer '01)

Summer storm
(Music: Jul '01 & legacy, Admiration: Jul '00 & Jul '01)

An owl's cry echoes through the woods of old
in the untamed wilds beasts stir
and behold

Dark, heavy clouds in horizon's arms tell of a storm
a slowly waking tempest in the summer's warmth

Calmly passing monument
(Music: May '00 & Autumn '01, Inscription: Jun '00 & Feb '02)

An old king sits upon an oaken throne.
His posture noble, regardless of the toll of times.
Now weary, but once a mighty warrior.
Strong by form, just by heart.

He has sailed the myriad seas.
Fought the elements at the barren north.
Life's misfortunes were just new challenges
to experience and to learn from.

In his reign there was no blame,
nor did he evade his duties.
But to rule was never his passion,
though a task he had to honour.

The old king sits upon an oaken throne.
A grin still visiblöe on his weathered face.
When they come to carry him away
to a rest well-deserved

(Music: Jun '00, Realization: Jun '00)

The roots may be strong,
but morrow yearns for seeds
planted in deep seasoned grounds
nourished by a gleam of determination
grown for sturdy scions
and in time new roots for our heirs

(Music: Autumn '00 & Summer '01)

A winternight visage
(Music: Summer-Autumn '01 & Legacy, Contemplation: Winter '01)

A. Tolonen - Kantele, vocals, compositions, lyrics and visual art
T. Saxell - Vocals

These woodsmoken tales were recorded and mixed
in times between spring and summer '02 at the shelter.
The visual aspect was carried out with coloured pencils,
pencils, and an odd lightning-driven contraption in '02.
The distorted kantele made short work of any
whim to use distorted guitars once more.

Thanks and hail
My Lord for making it all possible,
T. Saxell for lending talent and great companionship,
Emil & Draga of Corvus for belief and support in this humble work,
All who have aided Nest in any way, you know who you are and so do I.
...and to all family, friends, everyone listening, etc.
May you find comfort in your lives. Peace be with you.