Trail of the Unwary - CD Booklet

Moonbow - Awaken. It's time we continue.
We have come prepared, even for a longer journey, but we travel not across land alone.
This trail bears the signs of many a traveler's passing. Be wary lest you too leave a mark.

Claw and Fang - In death comes survival. In survival comes death.
Regardless of the actions of some of our brethren, these are not weapons, but tools, and for a purpose. Yes, they are meant to kill. That much is obvious, for they are our survival.

Kontio - Älä kutsu metsän herran raivoa yllesi turhan päiten.
"Se, Itse, Hän. Metän elukka."
"Jumalan mies, Suuriherra, Mesikkinen, Metsänvaari"
"Kouki, Kouvo, Tätinipoika"
"Mörkö, Mönninkäinen, Kurko"
"Otso, Kontio, Mesikämmen"

"Join us for the hunt.
Come scattered brethren. It is time.
The children are starving. We haven't eaten for days.
Join us for the hunt."

Scent and trail have taken us here; to where our prey passes through this time each year. They favour this place for it gives them food and shelter. And so our lives too grow more secure, if only for a moment.

This is a life-long struggle for survival. There's nothing glorious about it. Nor is there hate, nor honour. Such things have little meaning when the choice is between feeding and death. And you know that is no choice at all.

The Mire
This is a fool's errand.
(He insisted I write this down)

The Turning of the Tides
Come. Eat and drink your fill. We have plenty to spare. No-one shall be denied food, drink or shelter here while I'm still breathing.

Tulkaa. Syökää ja juokaa kylliksenne. Meillä riittää jaettavaksi. Keneltäkään ei kielletä ruokaa, juomaa tai suojaa täällä niin kauan kuin minussa henki vielä kulkee.

Across the Waters
To tread the cold path
across wintry waters
and to breathe the cool air.

Where once great woods rose, now an ice-lake lies
Under silvery cloak the fields it hides,
and stays rivers with a forceful hand

Should this be the last thing I ever did before relinquishing life, I am content.

‘Trail of the Unwary’ was conceived between the years 2003 - 2006.
It took its time hatching during 2006 at Project Eternity
and a couple of other places on earth too.

.: Nesting species :.
P.A. (alsius barbatus), J.H. (esox caupona), L.A.H. (virago verus),
T.S. (ultor gravis), A.T. (scirius doomicus)
lingua latina in scriptis uti nobiliter est

- Whom we shall let -
- keep their nuts -

Emil & Corvus, J.Hauki & Agalloch, Laurie the lady beyond the pond & Todesbonden, P.A. whose beard is in danger of thawing & Nostatus, T.S. the bass provider, Doomipeikko-äänenvaimennin & A(a)rni(e), Numen the proofreader otter, J.S. & Shape of Despair & tmatmd, and all you lot who have supported this stumbling musical project throughout the years. Thank ye, hail, and nuts!

- Locating a Nest -