hidden stream - Nest side booklet
. Enchantment for few Nest is:
. Hideout A.T. :
. Harbinger of a greater winter Kantele, didgeridoo,
. Land behind the mist vocals, compositions
. An oaken citadel lyrics and visual art.

Enchantment for few
(music: May-Jul '00/lyrics: Aug '00)

The earth holds countless havens where solace may be found, by a tender heart.

The last flame flickers and dies
The camp is asleep, except for one
He alone appreciates the delicate sounds and visions
brought before him by the forest at twilight

Fireflies dance in the cool air to the sound of the crickets' serenade. A gentle smile forms on the watcher's lips. But the owl's cries fade away and the night's creatures hide before the rising mist as dawn comes...

(music: Spring '00)

Harbinger of a greater winter
(music: Jun-Aug '00, lyrics: Jul '00)

Your folk know me as the whisper in the wind. The bringer of soothing, a gentle guardian of sleep. My voice, so calm before, now thunders across the land. Calling you to take heed, delivering news of hard times ahead.

Gather your children and flee to the far southern borders. North will be your home no more. Leave this region with haste, for the time of the scourge's coming is still unknown. Take heed of my warning, for too many past folk have perished, the folk I held dear. This doom is not the first to come, nor the last that I shall see.

Great masses of ice will appear, flow across these fertile lands and swallow all you once called home...

Land behind the mist
(music: Autumn - Winter '99/lyrics: Feb '00)

"A breath into the earth to form a dense mist, divide the land in two and hold old friends"

"Who knows why the mist never disperces. It is as thick as in ancient times. And the times are ancient, for the mist was old even when our grandfathers' grandfathers were young. Stories tell that the mist was not always there, and that we used to fare in the lands beyond, but those days must be long gone..."

An oaken citadel
(Mus: Oct-Dec '99)

"Hidden Stream" was recorded and mixed in various points of time between winter '99 and summer '00.
All musical, lyrical and visual art by A. Tolonen.
Clean guitars on "Hideout" by A. Idman.
Whispers on "Harbinger of a greater winter" by T. Saxell.
Tracks #4 and #5 are renewed versions of those originally appearing on "Fabled Lore" demo '00.

Thanks and hail to my Lord, Xak at Fluttering Dragon/Thundra for making this possible and Isafjord for the company on this journey. My heartfelt appreciation also to all who have aided nest in any way. You know who you are, and so do I. Thanks and cheers.

Listen closely, for I shall reveal a secret. No distorted guitars wre used on this recording. Tracks #3 and #5 feature distorted kantele exclusively.