fabled lore - Demo booklet
. Land behind the mist (5:08)
. Mink twins (3:24)
. The elk king's daughter (5:29)
. An oaken citadel (4:50)

A.T. - Kantele, vocals, compositions, lyrics and visual art.

Fabled lore was recorded and mixed during various points of time between autumn '99 and spring '00.
The cover piece "Etsintä" was done with ink in '99. Other images were done with watercolors and ink.
All aural & visual material is copyright © A.T. & Nest 2000.

Land behind the mist
"A breath into the earth to form a dense mist, divide the land in two and hold old friends"

"Who knows why the mist never disperces. It is as thick as it was in ancient times. And the times are ancient, for the mist was old even when our grandfathers' grandfathers were young. Stories tell that the mist was not always there, and that we used to fare in the lands beyond, but those days must be long gone..."

My Lord, A-K., Aki, Ilona, Kim, Pavel (thanks for many honest trades), Pedo, Sampo, Sannija (two deer under a tree), Timppa, friends in Hytako & Helia, Aba + Carnaqe & the guys in IRC, Altti & E.T.O.S., Antti & Medieval Art, Artsi + Härtsi & Agoria, Norm & Noitavasara disto, Petri & Mordecai, T. Mäkelä & Jääportit, all other friends and acquaintances I forgot to mention, and last but not least I commemorate brothers Grimm, Tolkien & the authors of old folk tales/fables/etc. (for inspiration). Thanks to all who are listening to this humble performance.