Labels & Distributions

Corvus - Dark art label in Bulgaria. Nest's label.
Equilibrium Music - A store for metal etc. in Portugal.
FireBox - Label and store for metal etc. in Finland. Nest distributor.
Fluttering Dragon - A label dealing with ambient music in Poland.
Foreshadow - A label for metal and all kind of alternative music in Poland.
Grau - Label and store for metal, folk, and all sorts of interesting music in Germany.
Irond Records - Metal label in Russia. Nest distributor.
Levykauppa Äx / Record Shop X - Comprehensive store for metal etc.
Projekt - Darkwave label and store in the USA.
Red Stream - Metal, ambient, experimental in the USA.


Imperiumi - In Finnish
Inferno - In Finnish
Lunar Hypnosis - In English.
Metal Message - In German and English.
The Metal Observer - In German and English.
musicbOOm - In Italian.
Pimento - In Finnish.
Soundi/Hiljaiset Levyt - In Finnish (RIP).
Vae Solis Webmagazine - In English.

Portals - Everything about doom metal.
Jen's Metal Page - Everything metal.
Kantele projekti - All about the Kantele in Finnish.
Koistinen Kantele - A Kantele maker whose instrument is used in Nest.
Kuolleen Musiikin Yhdistys - Industrial, ambient, neofolk, etc. - A Finnish music resource.


Aarni - Almost orthodox doom metallish Lovecraftian-Jungian Kalevala avantgarde
Agalloch - Majestic and epic metal & acoustic
DoomSquirrel - Squirrelly darkwave/drone/funeral doom metal.
Isafjord - Melodic black metal.
Jääportit - Dreamful Ambient Landcapes.
The Mist And The Morning Dew - Dreamy folky metal.
Nostatus - Kantele driven folk & metal.
October Falls - Acoustic athmospheric music.
Poropetra - Kantele driven traditional and metal.
Rimmersgard - Metaloid Folklore from the heart of the Ore Mountains.
Shape of Despair - Dreamy funeral doom.
Tenhi - folk-influenced progressive music.


Awenger - T. Saxell (Bass & vocals in Nest).
Reviiri - A. Tolonen (Kantele & whatnot in Nest).
Laurie Ann Haus - (Vocal contribution to Nest)