A hidden pool amidst the woods where the otters come to play, an owl's faint call echoing through the woods, sparkling waterfalls and vast snowcovered landscapes where the reindeer folk and wolves hold their domain. These are only some of the things with the atmosphere Nest strives to capture.
As you can see, nature, fantasy and more precisely fables are the fluid that courses through Nest's veins. Old folk and animal tales as well as the works of brothers Grimm and Tolkien, to name a few, have been the roots of great inspiration. But even though Nest serves as a vessel to express these things important to us, an equally important reason for Nest's existence is to bring enjoyment to all who should find it in athmospheres brought forth by acoustic, ambient and even somewhat folky music.


The core of Nest's music is the kantele, a traditional Finnish string instrument that originates from over 2000 years ago. It belongs to the class of horizontal harps and usually has five to twelve strings, sometimes even thirty or more. A fifteen stringed version is used in Nest, since it still has that quite rough ancient sound which the ones designed for classical music (with 30 or more strings) lack.


At the moment Nest consists of A. Tolonen and T. Saxell. A.T. plays the kantele, does some vocals and is responsible for the visual art. T.S. handles the vocals and bass.