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Building of the Nest began in summer 1999. The materials used for building were decided early on, and we agreed that atmospheric acoustic and ambient would provide the best natural qualities to sustain us though the challenges of the Finnish wilderness.

Nest's first offering, a demo going by the name of 'Fabled Lore' was released in 2000. The feedback was surprisingly positive so we had no reason not to continue. This also brought us to our next challenge, which was to get our music professionally released, and surprisingly enough that happened when we got a chance to release our next offering 'Hidden Stream' on a split CD with a Norvegian melodic bm band Isafjord in 2001.

Next in the line of things growing in the Nest was our first full-length album 'Woodsmoke'. This landmark in our history was released in 2003 by Corvus Records with whom we've stayed since. It was also celebrated with a couple of gigs supporting none other than Tenhi. Following this the Nestlings took time to perform elswhere too, and A.T. ended up playing the kantele on Shape of Despair's 'Illusions' Play' album before returning to the Nest to release a split 10" vinyl with Agalloch in 2004 - an album which was noted for being as visually pleasing as it was aurally.

Afterwards Nest took it's time to evolve and hone their output. We spent a couple of years composing new material that honestly ended up as the strongest we've done yet. Everything we had done before went under review and we improved everything we could to the best of our abilities. The fruits of this labor can be heard in the 2007 album 'Trail of the Unwary', and also on a special Skepticism tribute album for which we made our own interpretation of 'The Gallant Crow'.

The future is open...