Welcome to the hunting grounds. The hunting grounds, which is the English translation of the Finnish word "reviiri", was done with the intention of showcasing my ventures in the fields of visual and aural art. More than just a storage area, this site serves as an artistic creation in itself, but the aim was to make a site that looked good and was viewable with as many systems as possible.

The Author
This be me. Name: A. Tolonen
Date of Birth: 20.3.1979
Residence: Riihimäki
Country: Finland
E-Mail: Here
Main interests:
Drawing, painting and almost anything that is somehow related to visual art. I mostly like to work with pastels, ink, soft pencil, and coloured pencils.
Music, mainly metal, but I also listen to acoustic, folk, ethnic, symphonic, classical, and some synthetic music. I also play a 15-stringed Kantele, a traditional Finnish string instrument that derives from over 2000 years ago.
Computers. I work with both Amiga and PC. They are mostly used for the aforementioned graphics and music, but I also do some coding, web designing etc.