Finished Art Gallery

An Eagle with Horns

Kotkan Sarvet
Ink - Winter 2010
800 x 566 pixels - 72k

An eagle with horns. I This was used for the back cover my band Syven's album 'Aikaintaite'.

Hillerin Kallo
Ink - Winter 2010
800 x 565 pixels - 68k

A dramatically lit ferret skull on rocky, puddly ground. This was used as the front cover of my band Syven's album 'Aikaintaite'.

Ferret Skull


Digital Acrylic Simulation - Autumn 2007
800 x 557 pixels - 40k

The first version of the inner booklet image for Aarni's album 'Tohcoth'. The thing in the water is a mixture of the Cthulhu mythos and Finnish tradition. Dare to guess what specifically?

Ikiturso 2

800 x 557 pixels - 41k

A second version of this image, with a more sinister countenance. This is the image actually used on the booklet of Aarni's album 'Tohcoth'.

Coloured Pencils - Summer 2006
800 x 566 pixels - 277k

This piece was done for the cover art of my band's new album, but it will use a version with slightly modified colours.

Claw marks

Encounters in the canopy

Kohtaamisia Latvustossa
Coloured Pencils - Summer 2006
800 x 576 pixels - 207k

This image was done for the cover of my band's new album, although it will use a version with slightly modified colours.

Ink - Winter 2006
800 x 563 pixels - 171k

A companion piece for "Lintu" that I also did for Agalloch's Ashes Against the Grain CD.


A bird

Ink - Winter 2006
800 x 612 pixels - 201k

A piece I did for the great Ashes Against The Grain CD by Agalloch. It was fun working with ink again after such a long time.

Vanha Seurue
Digital Pastels Simulation - Winter 2005
800 x 566 pixels - 64k

A piece I did for Vigrid, a Finnish folk metal band. This was the first proper experiment I did with the great Painter software that can emulate realistic painting and drawing tools quite well.

Old company

Summer night

Coloured Pencils - Autumn 2004
800 x 369 pixels - 167k

Another piece I did for Aarni's Bathos CD. This piece has a plethora of symbolic elements in it. Good luck finding them all.

Coloured pencils - Summer 2004
591 x 800 pixels - 257k

A couple of versions of the Stone God artwork I did for Aarni's Bathos CD.

Stone god

586 x 800 pixels - 261k

I did the angry version first, but M. Marjomaa asked me to do a version with a more pleasant facial expression.

Stone god

The watcher

Pastels - Spring 2004
600 x 800 pixels - 110k

It's been quite a while since I last did anything with pastels. Squirrels are intriguing creatures, and the pastels worked very well for a soft nature scene. This piece was done for my friend's birthday.

The Wolves of Timberline
Coloured pencils - Winter 2003
800 x 600 pixels - 291k

A couple of versions for the cover art used in the new split album with my band Nest and Agalloch.

The Wolves of Timberline

800 x 600 pixels - 242k

Both of these pieces are for Agalloch. They chose the wintry night one for the disc picture on their side.

The Wolves of Timberline

Ashen World

Ashen World
Coloured pencils - Winter 2003
800 x 607 pixels - 241k

A bit darker concept than what I usually do. It is used on a new split album - a 10" picture disc vinyl - with my band Nest and Agalloch. This is for Nest's side.

Coloured pencils - Summer 2002
800 x 380 pixels - 182.96k

A dreamy landscape drenched in morning mist. This was also used on the cover Nest's latest album.

Smoky forest


Coloured pencils - Summer 2002
480 x 800 pixels - 246k

Coloured pencils pop up again in this piece portraying a sunset in Laplandish scenery typical for northern Finland. It was used on the cover Nest's (my band) latest album.

Coloured pencils - Fall 2000
603 x 600 pixels - 73.353k

Another journey with coloured pencils. This piece was ordered from me by Isafjord with whom my band Nest shares a CD. A visualisation of clear wintry emotion through snow and water with a wolf holding a solidary vigil.



Coloured pencils - Summer 2000
603 x 600 pixels - 64.901k

Oh yes, more light is shed on the theme I've explored for quite some time now. It has been a long time since my last venture into the realms of coloured pencils and I'm quite satisfied with the outcome. This piece is also featured on the cover of my band Nest's first professional CD release.

Lempeä Kosketus
Linoleum pressing - Winter 1999
416 x 600 pixels - 55.128k

Another linoleum pressing, but this time with color. This piece is part of the same theme as the image below. The meaning isn't supposed to reveal itself too easily. Sure, you can tell there are two hands, but...

A gentle touch.

The one with antlers.

Linoleum pressing - Autumn 1999
412 x 600 pixels - 66.205k

It's been a while since I last did pieces with linoleum pressing. This piece is part of a theme I'm working on. It has been said hat this one is quite abstract and/or confusing. Dare to gues what it represents?

Ink - Summer 1999
640 x 451 pixels - 69.221k

Another piece inspired by fables/animal tales, and a theme starting to take form. Ink is a delicate medium, and mixing it with water gives wholeness especially to the background.

The search

In hiding.

Ink - Summer 1999
640 x 451 pixels - 59.955k

I had really strong inspiration from fables I read in the summer, so this piece was a natural progression. It didn't actually turn out as I had hoped, so it will be concidered as a rehearsal.

Tyhjä Portti
Pastels - Spring 1999
451 x 600 pixels - 43.191k

This piece was done for the new release of Jääportit, a synth/ambient band of an aqcuaintance of mine. For once I wanted to do a really dark image. Hmmm... Well, at least it has some atmosphere.

An empty gate.

Wooden cover.

Ink / Watercolours - Summer 1998
593 x 600 pixels - 64.015k

Three pieces painted on a wooden surface. Two wooden plates were connected with hinges to resemble a book.

Wooden left.

593 x 600 pixels - 57.035k

...Once you open the "book" this is the image on the left. It combines the heavy inking of the trees with a strong watercoloured background. One of these inner images was supposed to depict dream and the other reality...

Wooden right.

593 x 600 pixels - 59.891k

... And this is the image on the right. It has more gentle watercolours, milder inking, and makes use of the natural texture of the wooden plate. You'll have to guess which one of these inner images depicts which.

Charcoal - Summer 1998
500 x 421 pixels - 25.631k

The smallest of my charcoal pieces. This chair is specifically designed for the patients of Dr. Sigmund Freud.

A chair for a victim.

Is it evil?

Pastels - Winter 1997
389 x 600 pixels - 38.542k

This is part one of my high school diploma work titled "The battle between good and evil". The idea was to do something different than a classic battle scene. I'm not going to reveal the meaning of the pieces. It's up to you to make your own interpretation.

Pastels - Winter 1997
423 x 600 pixels - 57.037k

Medieval Art is a band of a friend of mine. He asked me to do a dark picture with a stream or something similar for the band's forthcoming release, so I decided to do this one.

The garden at night

A lonely reindeer...

Ink - Autumn 1997
640 x 355 pixels - 40.011k

Quite a small and weird picture of a reindeer. Or is it a reindeer?

Neidon Katse
Pastels - Spring 1997
508 x 600 pixels - 62.565k

This was a longtime favourite of mine because it was one of the first pastel pieces in which all the colours etc. turned out just the way I wanted. It doesn't look too impressive nowadays, does it?

Hope is a luxury...

A right tool for the job.

Coloured pencils - Spring 1997
640 x 395 pixels - 29.907k

This is definitely an unusual picture for me. It was done just to kill some time.

Acrylic colours - Winter 1996
466 x 600 pixels - 39.208k

"Revontulet" is Finnish for the northern lights. It means "fires of a fox". According to ancient Finnish folklore, a fox that waves its tail behind the fells causes the northern lights.

Great contrast.

Ukon vasara.

Linoleum pressing - Autumn 1996
406 x 530 pixels - 82.274k

Quite a small Kalevala-inspired image of Ukko's hammer. Kalevala is the Finnish national epic telling stories of old beliefs, ways of life, poemsingers, heroes etc.

Pencil - Summer 1995
632 x 447 pixels - 38.064k

An old picture and it shows. We were assigned to put all kinds of stuff in a single picture. Too much, don't you think?