Charcoal Art Gallery

A standing model.

Seisova malli
Charcoal - Spring 2000
312 x 600 pixels - 19.721k

A real lesson in drawing complicated postures. It was truly a rewarding feeling to finally catch the tension of the model's posture. The legs, hips and of course the angle of the back were very hard to put together. On a lighter note, I also did the head three times from scrath before I was satisfied with the result.

Malli Mahallaan
Charcoal - Spring 2000
640 x 377 pixels - 24.998k

In this piece I was able to capture the model from a perspective that does justice to her beautiful and sensual posture.

A model on her stomach.

A model on her back.

Malli Selällään
Charcoal - Winter 2000
554 x 600 pixels - 39.451k

I really like the perspective on this one. I got to the school late and there was only one place left in the class where the model could be drawn well. It turned out to be a great spot and yielded this unusual result.

Malli Tuolilla
Charcoal - Winter 2000
294 x 600 pixels - 20.586k

A sign of progression. My drawing speed improved and I was almost able to finish this one in about 4 hours. The posture is good and the hands were fun to draw.

A model on a chair.

A sitting model.

Istuva Malli
Charcoal - Winter 2000
640 x 440 pixels - 27.155k

The first drawing I've ever done of a nude model. Since we only had about 4 hours to draw each posture, I wasn't able to finish the drawing in time.

Charcoal - Winter 1999
387 x 600 pixels - 23.931k

The head of a Greek man. The human head is hard enough even when not drawn from such an angle. This image was a real learning process taking over 10 hours, but it was worth it. I'm also really satisfied of how it turned out.



Charcoal - Autumn 1999
640 x 376 pixels - 25.989k

A drawing of tools. It was deliberately done at home and to be evaluated later in the class. I think it turned out well, especially the shadow.

Charcoal - Autumn 1999
382 x 600 pixels - 25.790k

A bust of a lady from the renaissance period. It was deliberately drawn straight from the side to study the measurements of a face. This paricular drawing was done quite fast in about 6 hours.


A foot.

Charcoal - Autumn 1999
640 x 488 pixels - 32.272k

Now this is interesting. The aim of drawing this giant cast foot was to learn how to make it look massive. The lighting was a pain to organise, but I think I succeeded fairly well.

Charcoal - Autumn 1999
394 x 600 pixels - 23.217k

The compulsory cast torso drawing. Every school seems to have this same torso, or at least a similar one. In high school we drew a torso that had the exact same posture, but the arms were "broken" from a slightly different point.