Terve. I am A. Tolonen of Finland. Welcome to my digital domain. Here I showcase my artistic undertakings - be they drawing, painting, music, video, or anything I happen to come up with. Below you can find links to all of these, as well as to my social media & other services.

I hope you find something of interest herein.

Visual Art

I dabble in various forms of visual art. Drawing has to be my favorite, and I do so mostly with pastels, pencils (both colored & graphite) and ink. When I paint, I usually find myself utilizing ink with a watercolor technique. If I tire of traditional mediums, I do a bunch of digital art as well. In addition to these, I also enjoy photography - mostly of nature in its varied splendour. Lastly, I've gotten into video work as I've grown more ancient. Have a look at what I've been able to create below.


Music is an intriguing avenue for creativity. To me, nothing compares when it comes to evoking feelings, and helping one create worlds in their imagination. I play various instruments - guitar, bass, keyboards, synthesizers and various frame drums.

Yet, my main love is the kantele. It is the traditional lap harp of the Finnish people, with thousands of years of history and a place of honour in our national mythos. I enjoy this instrument so much, that build my own ones as well. I use these (with all the other instruments I play) to create something a bit different with my musical projects. Below you can find more information about these.

Nest plays atmospheric acoustic ambient that strives to capture the essence of tradition - of old tales told in smoky cabins by the edge of the woods, when the sun has set and the golden candlelight is the only illumination in the dark blue night.

Nest's music combines the traditional folky sound of the kantele with atmospheric elements often veering into the realm of ambient. The result is something quite unique that is intended to take the listener on a journey evocative of natural themes and diving deep into the worlds of dream and introspection.

Syven aims to create dark, heavy, and shamanistic music. The driving force is the traditional Finnish string instrument, the kantele, accompanied by atmospheric synth layering, ritualistic percussion and heavy distortion where appropriate. We also employ a variety of vocals that range from low male choirs to growls to chanting and to shamanistic performances. These help bring life to themes of nature, the struggles of reality, the brutality of survival, and also to the wonderment and the solemness that lie therein.